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Adventures in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Explore the Blue Mountains Beyond the Resorts

The blue mountains of Jamaica make for great hiking
The blue mountains of Jamaica make for great hiking.

Hordes of tourists flock to Jamaica every year for their dose of reggae, rum, and rastas. They bask in all-inclusive resorts and posh, climate-controlled suites. They sip umbrella-adorned drinks and periodically paddle over to the swim-up bar for a tall rum punch. But for adventurous independent travelers, Jamaica has far more to offer.

Blue Mountain Hiking

Rising to a height of over 7,000 feet and masked in the mist and mystery of a dense tropical rainforest, the Blue Mountains are covered by miles of trails.

Guided hikes are available through adventure companies and local freelancers. Tour operators in the Blue Mountains specializing in ecotourism and outdoor adventure offers guided tours and assistance in independent planning. You’ll find maps, personal recommendations, articles, and pricing related to your interests and itinerary.

Jamaica’s Blue Mountain hotels offer the best of both worlds—low-volume accommodations and adventure just beyond your door.

Bike Tours

Blue Mountain Tours offers a variety of 1-day bike tours. 100-150 dollars buys sturdy bike transportation to the site, lunch, and spectacular guided downhill glides from 5,000 feet.

For More Info

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The Forestry Department of Jamaica

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