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Travel to Brittany

France’s Celtic Corner

In addition to its fabulous coastline and abundant seafood, Brittany’s other attractions include impressive medieval towns and the magical Forest of Paimpont of Arthurian legends. The banks of its serene canals and rivers are popular paths for hikers and cyclists.

Brittany Coast in France
A picture postcard harbor on France's Brittany coast.

One of the most enticing books to read before you go is James Bentley’s and photographer Hugh Palmer’s Most Beautiful Villages of Brittany. This gorgeous coffee table book captures the architecture and ambiance of 30 villages.

A good place to begin planning your trip is with Fodor's Exploring Brittany. Not the typical Fodor guidebook, this one is divided regionally and each section focuses on interesting cultural aspects of the area.

On the road: Cadogan Brittany by Philippe Barbour is the most comprehensive of all the practical guides to Brittany. Well-organized and rich in history and cultural background, it has thorough sightseeing information and informed recommendations for lodging and places to eat. The Brittany & Normandy Rough Guide by Greg Ward, also has good background and sightseeing information and is geared to low-budget travel.

To find your way around the province, Michelin's Map Bretagne #230 (1:200,000) is the best available.

If you’re interested in walking all or a portion of the 360-mile coastal path (the GR34, part of the French long-distance footpath system, the Grande Randonnée), Alan Castle’s Brittany Coastal Path details accommodations, transport, and practicalities for the walker. Also included is a selection of day walks.

Whether walking the coast, visiting the megalithic sites, or enjoying oysters, the area around Locmariaquer is worth a visit. The Oysters of Locmariaquer by Eleanor Clark is not just about the town and the oysters for which it is famous but the people, the area, the traditions, and the myths and legends of Brittany.

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