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Best City, Country and Regional Websites

The Web is progressively teeming with specialist sites on cities, countries, and regions abroad. Obviously, generally offers a good point of departure, as do some of the large publishers, but they cannot inherently cover all destinations with both an objective and a personal flair. There are few websites that go really in-depth without being overly commercial or superficial, review sites and crowdsoursing can result in much to sift through (the popular is not always the best suggestion, as we have found using many a food suggestion at home and abroad), respecting the people and culture of the natives and even providing a dialog. Here are some of our favorite sites, though we are certainly open to suggestions from our audience which we will review for inclusion. You may use our comments section to make provide your favorite sites and explain why you find them so useful and/or unique. Thank you. —The Editors.

BrazilMax, offers a "hip" view on Brazil, while presenting wide-ranging information on Ecotourism and other forms of Responsible Travel. In both English and Portuguese.

Living Abroad in Costa Rica,, a comprehensive and informative site hosted by the author of Living Abroad in Costa Rica, Erin Van Rheenen.

Mad About Madrid,, is an independent travel guide to Madrid, capital of Spain, covering restaurants, architecture, bars, hotels, nightlife and museums.

Manatee Press Travel Guides: Explore Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Barbados. Site includes photo tour, tips, itinerary, and updates;

Slow Travel is an online community and a resource for finding vacation rentals. They run a very active message board where members exchange information - with an emphasis on Europe, and Italy in particular.

South American Explorers is home to everything for South American Travel! Best Info Sheets, Trip Reports, Clubhouses, Volunteer options, and more! Contact:,

South Pacific Organizer, South Pacific travel destinations, airlines, news, maps, films, music, guidebooks, and tips for trips by veteran travel writer David Stanley.

Travelfish,, an independent travel guide to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia researched by travelers for travelers.

TravelHappy.Info,, provides excellent articles and resources for backpacking and independent travel in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo and around the world.