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"Keeping track of news and events that can affect your travels is an important part of preparing for your trip. Since 9-11 rules and regulations for international travelers have changed frequently, in an attempt by government agencies to adapt to new security threats. In this section I have listed a number of websites that provide updated and currents news for travelers, including the latest changes of rules and regulations for air travelers. Many of these websites are available as RSS subscriptions and can be be accessed from your web browser with one click of the mouse." —Travel and Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl

ABC News has a Travel News section, covering travel news and current events.

Airwise News,, provides airline, airport and aviation industry news. has a Travel News section. has a Travel News section, reporting on the latest news and events.

Fodor's has a Travel Wire section, with late-breaking travel news.

Frommer's has a section on Airfare Deals and News.

MSNBC has a Travel News section, providing updated information for travelers.

Online Travel Review,, is a blog dedicated to the latest airline news.

The Huffington Post,, provides blogs and reports on current travel news.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA),, provides news updates about travel safety and security.

USA Today, has a Travel News section.

Yahoo News has a Travel News section, with the latest travel news from the Associated Press.

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