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Best Independent Travel Websites

Independent Travel Websites
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Travel advice for independent travelers is hard to find on the Web: Many travel-related websites make money by selling travel packages and tours—which is not what independent travelers seek. However, we have a found a number of websites that provide useful information for independent travelers. These sites provide both general advice and tips for independent travelers, as well as information about specific destinations. We have also included some blogs that provide food for thought about issues and ideas relating to independent travel, and we hope they provide you with inspiration.

In addition, we invite you to browse our featured selection of independent travel articles on which discuss core issues of concern and are written by seasoned travelers as well as first-hand participant reports from those who have chosen off-the-beaten-path destinations. —Volker Poelzl

The Independent Traveler is an interactive traveler's exchange and comprehensive online travel planning guide for a community of travelers who enjoy the fun of planning their own trips and the adventure of independent travel. You can access the wealth of travel resources and great bargains at

Matador,, is a magazine designed to enable people interested in travel, music, art, writing, photography, etc. to share their experiences through articles and other media.

Perceptive Travel,, is a webzine for independent travelers published by Transitions Abroad magazine columnist Tim Leffel, with travel stories from authors on the move.

Solo Travel,, is a guide to single and solo travel which provides inspiration and information. The site also includes much budget travel information useful for independent travelers.,, provides travel tips and information for independent budget travelers.

Travelmag,, is a webzine featuring travel writing by independent travelers to reflect the wide variety of travel experiences by independent travelers.

Vagablogging,, a blog hosted by travel writer Rolf Potts, is an enlightening and lively collaborative blog covering many aspects of travel and issues relevant to independent travelers.

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