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Namibia Summer
The program is run in close coordination with the Ministry of Education’s nationwide plan to deploy Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all educational institutions. Volunteers will lead computer literacy trainings for teachers at primary and secondary schools to develop their basic computers skills as required by the Ministry. You will be among the first to train teachers using the newly developed computer literacy curriculum developed by the Ministry.

Namibia Year
WorldTeach volunteers work as English, mathematics, science, and computer studies Subject Teachers in a wide range of schools, including primary schools, secondary schools, and adult training facilities. Most volunteers will be responsible for 20-25 hours of classroom teaching, including lesson preparation and grading. Some may be asked to also work in the school library or computer room. The program departs in early June with the summer program and lasts until early December.

Volunteer teaching in Namibia Dates: See website.
WorldTeach, One Brattle Square, Suite 550, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.
Tel./Fax: 857.259.6646 ext. 201/857.259.6638

Eko Tracks
African Wildlife Rehabilitation
Volunteer in Namibia at an African wildlife sanctuary, uniquely situated on a large game ranch where other animals roam freely. Contribute to conservation through caring for orphaned and injured animals. Through these activities you will be able to work with and get to know many of Africa's wildlife species. Experience the tranquil life on a typical African farm and share your adventure with other volunteers.
Big Cat Rehabilitation & Habitat Restoration
Volunteer in Namibia on a large reserve, secluded in the African bush. Your participation with restoring and improving the habitat for the benefit of African wildlife and large predators is a valuable contribution to conservation. Help with the care and conservation of big cats like cheetahs, leopards and other carnivores. Through these volunteer activities you will experience many of Africa�s wildlife species and the tranquil life in the bush first hand.
Epukiro Medical Clinic
Live your African dream and help make a difference by volunteering at a small, rural clinic in Namibia, improving the lives of those most in need. The San (Bushman) have lived in southern Africa for at least 20,000 years, but are now treated as third class citizens living in extreme poverty. This rewarding program offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to provide primary health care to a poor community.

The clinic can accommodate four volunteers at a time who will work mostly at the clinic. There are times when there are few patients while at other times the clinic will be crowded with patients. There are also opportunities to visit local schools and villages to provide basic medical aid or to educate the community about personal hygiene, diseases and disease prevention.


Gap Medics
Medical & Nursing work experience placements in Namibia
Gap Medics arranges placements for students in carefully selected hospitals in Namibia, Nepal and Tanzania. Following intensive pre-placement preparation, participants gain on-the-job training as well as making a real contribution to the local community and having the experience of a lifetime.


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