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Volunteer Abroad in Mozambique United Planet 6 or 12 Months
United Planet's Quests offer volunteers the opportunity to learn, teach, work, engage and immerse themselves in a culture outside their comfort zone. Ages 18 and up are invited to enroll. Live in Mozambique for 6 or 12 months and volunteer teaching English, music, art, web design, or sports, participate in awareness campaigns against HIV/AIDS, and work closely with at-risk children such as orphans, disabled children, and those who have suffered abuse. Volunteers live with a local host family, participate in cultural activities and excursions, and receive 24/7 support a true immersion experience that allows you to build relationships that last a lifetime.

Volunteer in Mozambique

Dates: Quests depart in January or August.
Varies with duration of your stay. Please visit our website for details.
United Planet, 11 Arlington St, Boston MA 02116, USA.


African Impact
Endangered Whale Shark And Marine Conservation Project
Volunteer in Mozambique on the Whale Shark Marine Conservation Project and help with hands-on whale shark research, coral reef monitoring, humpbacked whale monitoring and turtle nest surveys, as well as, explore one of Africa's best scuba diving destinations.


Kaya Responsible Travel
Kaya Responsible Travel promotes experiencing the world and its beautiful cultures in a way that most respects and benefits the local people, traditions and environment. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable development, empower our host communities abroad, and creating educated, compassionate global citizens. With Kaya volunteer programs, you can choose a project that fits your personal and/or professional interests, working with wildlife, the environment, or people.
In Mozambique there are opportunities to get involved in marine biology projects which involve scuba diving for the Marine, Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation project.


Projects Abroad in Mozambique
Projects Abroad is the world’s leading short-term international volunteer organization.
Projects start year-round and last from one week to a year. Opportunities exist in teaching, rainforest conservation, medicine, and general care. Learn French. Programs are for ages 16+.


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