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Projects Abroad in Fiji
Projects Abroad is the world’s leading short-term international volunteer organization.
Projects start year-round and last from one week to a year. Opportunities exist in teaching, child care, social work, shark conservation, sports, nutrition, and the community village project. Programs are for ages 16+.
Volunteer in Fiji with Projects Abroad Dates: Start any day you choose.
Cost: Please see our website for prices
Contact: Projects Abroad, 80 Broad St, Floor 32, New York NY 10004.
Tel: US Toll-free 1 888 839 3535.

Global Vision Internation (GVI)
Fiji Marine Conservation Expedition
Join a group of international volunteers on this marine conservation expedition to one of the most remote and pristine tropical countries in the world to discover a vibrant underwater environment while learning to dive.
Our work here is focused on providing long-term benefits to the local community by collecting data, via underwater research dives, that will help establish Marine Protected Areas and setting up a system that will ultimately guarantee food resources for years to come.
Enjoy stunning remote island locations and idyllic traditional Fijian villages, climb volcanic mountains and enjoy breathtaking scenery as you experience full cultural immersion in the Fijian way of life.
Fiji Community Development Expedition
Live on the beach in Fiji and work in tandem with the local people on community development projects. This multi focused expedition is based in the Yasawas, a chain of about 20 ancient islands that are located in the western region of Fiji.  Pristine white sand beaches and clear blue waters surround dramatic volcanic hillsides sliding into crystal clear lagoons. Here you will have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and help build important tools to help future generations.
You will assist several initiatives within the Yasawas mainly focusing on fresh water management, education, environmental initiatives, and sustainable agriculture practices.
Volunteer in Fiji with Children
Located in the western region of Fiji, The Yasawas are a chain of 20 ancient islands where dramatic volcanic hillsides are surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and sapphire blue waters.
Working directly with the indigenous Yasawa community, this volunteer program aims to support local schools and teachers with much needed help. You will assist both inside the classroom and out, teaching, conducting games and activities, and spending time with some truly remarkable kids. Your contact with these students and the bonds you will build together will truly give them a shot at a better and more secure future.

Contact: 888 653 6028;

Volunteer in Fiji with Projects Abroad
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