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Short-Term and Summer Jobs in Scandinavia

The Key Employers

Map of Scandanavia

American-Scandinavian Foundation, Places summer trainees in engineering, chemistry, computer science, or business throughout Scandinavia, mainly Finland and Sweden. Also places American students and recent graduates over the age of 21 in schools and companies in Finland to teach English from Aug./Sept. to May in return for a salary.

Atlantis Youth Exchange,, Recruits au pairs for a minimum of 6 months. Also offers homestays with farmwork included.

Au Pairs International, Sixtusvej 15, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark; 011-45-32-84-10-02;, Places foreign au pairs over the age of 20 in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, as well as worldwide.

IAL/Internationella Arbetslag, Tegelviksgatan 40, 116 41 Stockholm, Sweden; 011-46-8-643-08-89; fax. 011-46-8-641-8188;, Peace and conservation camps organized through the Swedish branch of Service Civil International. Volunteers must apply in their own countries. Visit for an application.

Ninukot ltd., Skegjastadir, 861 Hvolsvollur, Iceland;; Work on holiday farms in Iceland, country guesthouses, restaurants or campsites in beautiful Iceland. Work includes cleaning the rooms, waiting on guests, assisting in kitchen or checking guests in at reception.

Stiftelsen Stjärnsund, Bruksallén 16, 770 71 Stjärnsund, Sweden; 011-46-225-80001;, Swedish community aims to encourage personal, social, and spiritual development. Operates an international working guest program, 1 week to 3 months, mostly between May and Sept. but winter visits possible.

Use It Denmark, Youth Information Copenhagen, Rädhusstraede 13, 1466 Copenhagen K, Denmark; 011-45-1-33-73 06 20;, Provides various services of interest to job-seeking young people.

WWOOF-DK,, is a group of farms which are involved in organic production and offer volunteer opportunities in exchange for free room and board.

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