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Key to Resources Compiled and Edited by William Nolting
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Web Editor's Note: See many more international career websites and extensive featured articles in our International Careers section.

American Foreign Service Association; Various publications available, printed, and online, which offer in-depth, firsthand descriptions of what U.S. diplomats do.
Best Resumes and CVs for International Jobs

Best Resumes and CVs for International Jobs: Your Passport to the Global Job Market by Ron Krannich and Wendy S. Enelow. 2002. 222 pp. $24.95 from Impact Publications. Useful guide includes over 100 examples (in English) of professionally produced international resumes and CVs for a variety of occupations and experience levels.

Careers in International Law edited by Mark W. Janis and Salli A. Schwartz. 2001. 205 pp. $64.95 ($34.95 for students) from American Bar Association, ABA Publication Orders, P.O. Box 10892, Chicago, IL 60611; 800-285-2221; Essays on how to plan for a career in international law by lawyers in the field. Web site lists ABA-approved study abroad programs.
The Directory of Websites for International Jobs by Ronald and Caryl Krannich. 2002. 147 pp. $19.95 from Impact Publications. Identifies more than 1,400 websites for launching a global job search. The authors, renowned for their extensive career publications, also cover strategies for organizing an effective online job search.
  The Electronic Embassy, Links to the websites of all foreign embassies in the U.S. These official sites have invaluable information on everything from visas (for tourism, business, work, and study) to education and culture.
The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career by Elizabeth Kruempelmann. 2002. 384 pp. $16.95 from Ten Speed Press, Interesting book covers a broad spectrum of overseas options, from getting started (“Uncovering Your Global Passion”) to examples of work abroad programs, to advice for professionals living abroad. For more information, see

Global Health Directory: U.S. Based Agencies Working in International Health. Global Health Council: 202-833-5900, Directory is available free online. Lists organizations in international health fields by specialty and location. Includes a listing of those organizations that offer volunteer opportunities abroad. Also published by GHC is Finding Work in Global Health by Garth Osborn and Patrician Ohmans, 2005, available for $19.50 (less for members). A practical guide on how to prepare for a career in international health. GHC additionally offers a Career Network and job bulletin free online.

Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors by Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert. 2001. 260 pp. VGM Career Horizons. $14.95. Covers careers in all sectors that use foreign languages either directly or as an auxiliary skill. Also discusses career strategies.
Health Professionals Abroad by Tim Ryder & Ian Collier. 2000. 256 pp. Available for $17.95 from Vacation Work or Provides an overview (from a British perspective) of working abroad in all areas of healthcare, from volunteer to career. Professions include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and others.
How to Get a Job in Europe: The Insider’s Guide by Cheryl Matherly and Robert Sanborn. 5th ed. 2003. 494pp. $22.95 plus $3 shipping from Planning Communications, Names and addresses of over 2,000 companies in 39 countries, suggestions on how to conduct an international job hunt, and listings of work abroad programs. Improved over previous editions; this is now the most helpful book for U.S. citizens interested in working in Europe. Action Without Borders, Web site’s database serves as a clearinghouse for over 55,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide. Outstanding search provisions. Includes listings for internships, volunteering, and jobs, as well as resources for people who work for nonprofits. Organization also sponsors nonprofit career fairs.

Impact Press Catalog. Free from Impact Publications, see (click on “international”). Catalog of hard-to-find books on international jobs and careers that can be ordered from Impact.

InterAction Member Profiles Available free online at Information on 180 U.S. nongovernmental organizations in relief and development work. Details which agencies are doing what in which countries.

Jobs for Travel Lovers
Jobs for Travel Lovers: Opportunities at Home and Abroad by Ronald and Caryl Krannich. 2006 (5th edition). 326 pp. $19.95 from Impact Publications. The latest information for those who want to work the world before settling down, including but going far beyond the travel industry, with chapters on government, education, teaching abroad, non-governmental organizations, and business.
  Kennedy’s International Directory of Executive Recruiters. 2004. $229. from Kennedy Information 800-531-0007, 603-585-6544, fax 603-585-9555;, Identify recruiters around the globe with this comprehensive source profiling 2,515 firms in 80 countries. For those with considerable professional experience only.
Live and Work in …(series). Vacation Work (U.K.), available from Globe Pequot, Titles in this British series are available for most West European countries as well as Australia/New Zealand; China; Japan; Saudi & the Gulf.
People with Disabilities by Michelle Scheib. 2005. 80 pages. Available as a free download from Mobility International USA, MIUSA, P.O. Box 10767, Eugene, OR 97440; 541-343-1284, fax 541-343-6812;
Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens Abroad. (Publication 54). Free from Forms Distribution Center, P.O. Box 25866, Richmond, VA 23260. Available online at the U.S. Department of Treasury/IRS website,
U.S. Department of State. Application for the Foreign Service Officer Exam. This is the primary way to apply for a career position in U.S. diplomacy (U.S. citizens only). Register online for the free exam at To prepare, order Study Guide online.
U.S. Department of State’s Travel Resources, Essential official information for all travelers, on everything from country-by-country health and safety assessments to passports for U.S. citizens and visas for visitors to the U.S. Go to for links to every U.S. embassy and consulate worldwide.
Work Abroad
Work Abroad: the Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas edited by Clay Hubbs with Susan Griffith and William Nolting. 2002. 192 pp. from Transitions Abroad Publishing. Comprehensive book with informative articles and hundreds of contacts and websites essential for success in the international workplace. Includes chapters on international careers, internships, volunteering and short-term jobs abroad, and teaching abroad. Order here.

William Nolting is an International Center Assistant Director, Education Abroad at the University of Michigan and former Work Abroad and International Educational Editor for Transitions Abroad.
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