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Key to Resources Compiled and Edited by William Nolting
must-have resources
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The following resources focus on casual work abroad that is often, though not always, for students and recent graduates. The positions are generally not career-related and last from a summer to six months. Typical locations are Western Europe. Look into these a few months before traveling.

Academic Year Abroad / Short-Term Study Abroad
Academic Year Abroad / Short-Term Study Abroad. (Annual). Institute of International Education (IIE—see Key Publishers). These are the most comprehensive and authoritative directories of study abroad programs, listing 3,400 programs offered during fall and spring (AYA) and nearly 3,100 offered summer or short-term (STSA). Indexes for internships, practical training, volunteering, and student teaching list over 1,000 (AYA) and over 500 (STSA) programs. Also indexed for fields of study, cost, graduate, professional, teacher, and adult courses. Entire contents are available free online, along with the highly-recommended Student Guide to Education Abroad by Bill Hoffa, at Choose “format” in the advanced search to find internships, etc.
  Advisory List of International Educational Travel & Exchange Programs. Annual. $17.50. Council on Standards for International Educational Travel, 212 S. Henry St., Alexandria, VA 22314; 703-739-9050, fax 703-739-9035; Lists around 80 programs for high school students that adhere to CSIET’s standards. This is the most valuable resource for locating programs for high school students.
  Directory of International Internships, edited by Charles A. Gliozzo and Kelley Bishop. Michigan State Univ., Tel. 517-353-9229, Directory lists both academic and non-academic internships located abroad. Profiles over 500 internship programs offered by 165 organizations. Handy cross-indexes for subject and location.
  Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad edited by Gail Ann Schlachter. Reference Service Press, Lists nearly 1,000 funding sources available to support research, professional development, teaching assignments, or creative activities (relatively few listings for undergraduates). Indexes for level of study, location, and subject.

Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad edited by Gail Ann Schlachte. Reference Service Press, Lists almost 1,000 funding sources available to support formal educational programs such as study abroad, training, internships, workshops, or seminars. This is the most up-to-date and comprehensive directory of scholarships for study abroad currently available. Highly recommended., Web site offers comprehensive searches for study abroad, scholarships, language study, internships, volunteering, teaching, and short-term jobs abroad.
  IIEPassport Study Abroad Funding, Free online database of funding sources for overseas study and internships allows searches by country or subject ("internships" is listed as a topic under subject).
The Internship Bible
The Internship Bible by Mark Oldman and Samer Hamadeh. Princeton Review. Directory describes in detail paid and unpaid internships offered by nearly 900 mostly nonacademic organizations of which around 120 have overseas branches, listed in an index for location (though it’s usually not made clear which of these actually offer internships abroad).
Living, Studying, and Working in France: Everything You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad
Living, Studying, and Working in France: Everything You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad by Saskia Reilly and Lorin David Kalisky. Owl Book, Henry Holt and Co. The only book on this topic from an American perspective. AIPT or CEI can assist U.S. citizens in obtaining a work permit for France.
Living, Studying, and Working in Italy: Everything You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad
Living, Studying, and Working in Italy: Everything You Need to Know to Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad by Travis Neighbor and Monica Larner. Owl Book, Henry Holt and Co. The only book on this topic from an American perspective. Note that U.S. citizens will find it very difficult to obtain a work permit (and employment) in Italy.
  Maximizing Study Abroad: A Student’s Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use by Paige, Cohen, Kappler, Chi and Lassegard. Univ. of Minnesota’s CARLA, For students who want to make the most of their study abroad experience, this flexible and user-friendly guide helps students identify and use a wide variety of language- and culture-learning strategies.
  Mobility International’s National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange. Free online from MIUSA, P.O. Box 10767, Eugene, OR 97440; 541-343-1284 (tel/TTY), fax 541-343-6812;, Find an exchange program, funding or disability organization for educational travel abroad. Also available from MIUSA: Survival Strategies for Going Abroad, by Laura Hershey,
Peterson's Study Abroad
Peterson’s Study Abroad. Detailed information on over 1,900 semester and academic year study abroad programs worldwide for college students, of which nearly 560 offer internships, listed in a special index.
Peterson's Short Term Study Abroad
Peterson’s Short Term Study Abroad. Peterson’s. Annual. Detailed information on over 1,600 summer and short-term (up to 6 weeks) study abroad programs worldwide, of which around 260 offer internships, listed in a special index.
  Study Abroad: A Parent’s Guide by William A. Hoffa. from NAFSA. The only guide to respond to parents’ questions and concerns about safety, academic credit, financial aid, program evaluation, travel documents, insurance, banking, and other issues related to study abroad. Not a directory of programs.
  Univ. of Michigan, International Center’s Overseas Opportunities Office. Comprehensive collection of articles along with hundreds of selected annotated web sites and books for study, internships, volunteering, teaching, and working abroad; plus international careers.
  U.S. Department of State Student Intern Program. Apply online at: Nearly 1,000 unpaid (mostly) and paid internships in international relations annually, in Washington and abroad. Only for students (U.S. citizens) who will continue studies after the internship. Deadlines: Nov. 1 (Summer), Mar. 1 (Fall), July 1 (Spring).
The Guide to Finding Work Abroad
Work Abroad: the Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas edited by Clay Hubbs with Susan Griffith and William Nolting. Comprehensive book with informative articles and hundreds of contacts and web sites essential for success in the international workplace. Includes chapters on international careers, internships, volunteering and short-term jobs abroad, and teaching abroad.

William Nolting worked for many years at the University of Michigan Overseas Opportunities Office and was the International Educational and former Work Abroad editor for Transitions Abroad Magazine.

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