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"As the European Union has expanded and reciprocal links between European nations have strengthened, the availability of employment opportunities for non-Europeans has declined. Yet thousands of Americans live and work in Europe, many of whom have arrived in the past year or two in search of a niche. The business of teaching English absorbs a considerable percentage of these temporary European residents.".—Susan Griffith in Teaching English In Europe.

For more English teaching jobs and certification programs in Europe, see our France, Italy, Spain, the U.K., the Czech Republic, and Worldwide pages.

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Teaching English in Europe by Susan Griffith
An overview by the expert author of many books on working and teaching abroad.
Teaching English in Europe: Practical Information You Need to Get Work by Michael G. Hines
The essentials you need to know by the host of TotalESL and ESLJobFeed.
Teaching English in France as an Assistant  by Kelby Hartson Carr
A unique opportunity for Americans to find work teaching English in France while immersing themselves in the French language.
Why the Teaching Assistantship Program in France is Ideal for Young Writers by Reagan M. Sova
A French initiative open to U.S. aged between 20-35 citizens who would like to teach English as a second language to elementary or high school students on a 7-month contract. The author found that the experience served as a great way to combine paid work while developing of writing inspiration...
Teaching English in France: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success 
Amber Foster provides realistic step-by-step advice on how to find work teaching English in France.
Teaching English in Paris, France: Where There is a Will There is a Way
Natalie Faulkner provides practical and realistic tips for finding a job teaching English in Paris, France.
Teaching English in Switzerland
Catherine Richards reports that finding work teaching English in Switzerland is not easy, but does provide the inside tips and resources for those determined to live in this beautiful country long-term.
Teach English in Italy: Insider Knowledge on Landing a Job in a Public School by Emma Bird
Teaching English in Germany: Despite Slow Economy, Freelancers Are in Demand by Mark O’Neill
Teach English in Germany: For More Job Choices Choose Smaller Cities by Holly Munn
Teach English in Spain as a Language and Cultural Assistant
Nara Nylander reports that making it as a cultural ambassador in Barcelona (and all over Spain) is a great way for North Americans to work (semi) legally in Spain.
Teach English in Barcelona, Spain
Regina Winkle-Bryan offers practical advice on preparing for, finding, or creating jobs teaching English in Barcelona, Spain.
Making it as a Freelance English Teacher in Spain 
Steven Harold Starry provides an experienced expert's tips on what is required to find freelance work teaching English in Madrid, Spain.
Taking a Certified TEFL Course: Is a Teaching Certification Necessary for a Job in Madrid? 
Steven Harold Starry analyzes the pros and cons of taking the various types of certified TEFL courses as a preparation for jobs teaching English in Madrid, Spain.
Freelancing in Spain: Work Permits and Teaching English in Spain 
Victoria Fontana, co-host of, offers her experience acquiring work permits and freelancing teaching English in Madrid, as well as other advice for starting a business and living in Spain.
Teaching English in Spain by Kate Doyle
Finding Work Abroad: Teaching English in Spain by Amy Kirkcaldy

Florence, Italy
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Earn your TESOL certificate with ITTT in Florence, Italy and you will be staying in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Florence is steeped in artistic history and is home to some the world’s most famous works of art housed in the many galleries tucked away in the cobbled streets and piazzas. The training center is located in a traditional Italian part of the city and is equipped with modern facilities. Teaching practice takes place with real English language students to give the best preparation for teaching in the real world.
Teach English in Florence, Italy Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: €1190.

Rome, Italy
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Our training center in Rome has excellent teaching resources to help you with your lesson planning tasks throughout the course and our experienced trainers are here to help you make the most of your time on the course. Located near the Vatican, the center allows easy access to all the major sites of this ancient city giving you plenty to explore during your free-time. The combination of this fascinating city and our excellent course make earning your TESOL certificate in Rome with ITTT an experience you will never forget.
Teach English in Rome, Italy Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: €990.

Granada, Spain
CTESOL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — (140 hr) Internationally accredited courses worldwide.
Located in the historic Arabic quarter, our training center in Granada is steeped in the local culture and atmosphere of this Andalucía city. The course provides trainees with plenty of practical teaching experience with 6 to 10 hours of classroom practice with real English language students and our highly qualified, dedicated trainers are always on hand to guide and support you during you time on the course. Trainees will receive an internationally recognized TESOL certificate upon completion of the course.
Teach English in Granada, Spain Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: €980.

Seville, Spain
CTESOL/CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.
ITTT’s in-class certification course in Seville, Spain is a fantastic place to earn your TESOL qualification. Our in-class TESOL courses are very focused on the practical side of teaching with six to ten hours of teaching practice with real English language students. Our dedicated and highly qualified trainers are with you every step of the way as you learn the skills to become a successful English teacher. All graduates will receive an internationally recognized certificate and lifetime job guidance.
Teach English in Seville, Spain Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: €900.

Barcelona, Spain
CTESOL/CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.
Our Barcelona training center is located right in the heart of the city close to the famous Plaça d’Españya and the Universitat. The area is served by three metro lines making getting about and exploring during your course very easy. The course itself covers teaching methodology, grammar, and lesson planning. It has a strong emphasis on practical teaching experience with six to ten hours of classroom based teaching practice. Our highly qualified teacher trainers are here to guide you through the course and provide valuable feedback on your teaching.
Teach English in Barcelona, Spain Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: €960.

Brittany, France
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Located in a beautiful village in the northwest of France ITTT’s Brittany TESOL course is the perfect place to complete your teacher training in tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The training center is equipped with modern teaching aids and great resources for your lessons. The course trainers are dedicated to helping you throughout your time on the course with professional instruction and guidance. They will also provide valuable feedback on your teaching practice sessions.
Teach English in Brittany, France Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: €$825.

Teach English in Europe with InterExchange — Perfect for New and Experienced Teachers
InterExchange Teach English programs give you the chance to live rent-free in some of the most beautiful places in Europe! Choose between private home lessons or classroom instruction on programs between one and three months. Room and board is provided by friendly host families and short work hours allow for exploring. See Europe as a local, not as a tourist!
Teach English in Europe Dates: Year-Round
Cost: $795+
Contact: InterExchange Working Abroad, 100 Wall Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10005
Tel.: 212-924-0446

Teach English in Italy
This program is different than most "teach English in Italy" programs you might see on the Internet. With other programs you have two-fixed arrival dates. On the GeoVisions Teach English in Italy program there are seven arrival dates throughout the year.

Rather than an age range of 20-35, our program's age range is from 22-60 (or sometimes higher). We frequently have participants in their 60's enjoying their time in Italy teaching in the classroom and living with a screened host family in the stunning Marche region of Italy.

When you teach English in Italy, you will actually be in the classroom teaching Italian students English. Live with a host family and receive a private bedroom and 2-meals each day.
Teaching English in Italy with Geovisions Dates: 2016: Intakes are January 16, February 6, March 5 (maximum 8-week placement), April 2nd (maximum 4-week placement.)
Cost: $1,499 flat fee for 1, 2, or 3 months.
Contact: GeoVisions, 63 Whitfield St. Guilford, CT 06437.
Tel.: 203-453-5838.

TEFL TOULOUSE — 4 week TEFL Certificate course
4-week intensive TEFL (TESOL) Certificate courses in the heart of Toulouse in the South of France. We are externally validated by IATQuO and trainees have a minimum of 6 hours observed teaching practice. Course also includes 75 hours of grammar, phonology, teaching technique and some 30 hours of lesson planning help. Plenty of teaching work is available locally and nationally upon completion of the course and we offer lifetime job guidance. Toulouse is a buzzing, beautiful and historic French city with a Spanish influence.
TEFL Toulouse certificate courses Dates: Courses run year round
Cost: €1600
Contact: Jonathan Davies, TEFL TOULOUSE, 9 Allees Frederic Mistral, Grand Rond, 31400 Toulouse, France
Tel: +33 5 61 54 76 67

Teach English in Summer Camps in Italy & Austria
Teach English to Italian and Austrian children aged 6 to 14 years old in a fun, interactive summer camp environment throughout Italy and Austria during Summer 2017. Travel, meet new people, and immerse yourself in a new culture!
Teach English in Summer Camps in Italy & Austria Dates: June through to September, 2017.
Cost: Tutors pay for their travel costs to Assisi, Italy for orientation week and after their final camp.
Contact: Ashleigh McLean, Then English Camp Company, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi, Italy.

A.C.L.E. (Associazione Culturale Linguistica  Educational),
A.C.L.E. sends over 750 native English speaking Tutors to over 400 camps located throughout Italy. ACLE seeks enthusiastic and dependable people to work as English Camp Tutors at camps for children. Provides accommodation, transport, meals, weekly cash wages, and an orientation course.


American Village Camps
Teach English to Children in France as a Camp Counselor
Language counselors, TEFL teachers and other staff for several different American-style English immersion camps in France year-round, including summer. Knowledge of French not required. Camps create a positive environment where it is fun, natural and necessary to use English. Seek energetic, creative, initiative-takers who are native English speakers and love working with children. Counselors live in the camp and create, organize, and lead activities and English classes. This is a paid position, and room and board is included.


Teach Abroad in Spain
CIEE places individuals just like you in paid yearlong Language and Culture Assistant positions teaching English in schools in urban or pueblo locations throughout Andalusia where you will be part of bringing a nationwide bilingual initiative to life. Program benefits include a paid teaching position, orientation in Seville, temporary housing upon arrival, travel and medical insurance, and CIEE pre-departure and emergency support. Optional pre-departure TEFL certification and early arrival Spanish immersion courses are available, as are program scholarships.


Diverbo's "Pueblo Ingles"
Discover Spain in an English Conversation Holiday
Pueblo Ingles has been described as an inspiring cultural adventure, an enriching personal journey, and a unique, human experience. Each week twenty Native English speakers are sponsored to stay in a beautiful, picturesque 4-star resort in Spain so they can converse with Spanish professionals who want to improve their English. Accommodation, food and wine are provided in exchange for your conversation. It's a unique and enjoyable experience and the best way to learn about Spain if you don't speak the local lingo. Programs also in Germany.


Embassy of France
Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF)
The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers the opportunity to work teaching English to elementary and secondary school students in French. Each year, nearly 1,100 American citizens and permanent residents teach in public schools across all regions of metropolitan France as well as in the overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion. The program offers a monthly stipend of approximately €790 (net). Candidates may be between the ages of 20 to 35.


International TEFL Academy
TEFL TESOL Certification in Europe
Certificate courses in the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. Job placement assistance for all graduates.


Teach English in Europe with TEFLCourse
Teach in Europe with WorkingAbroad
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