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International Careers

The Networking Guide for International Work: Part 5

Case Studies for Success: Using Networking to Find a Job

I think real world examples speak louder than theory when finding a job. Here are a few true stories of Networking for International Work.

International Development Job in Guatemala Found through a Friend of a Friend of a Friend

Katrina Mason moved to Guatemala to conduct her job search in country. Before moving, she contacted an old friend and told him “I'm moving to Guatemala and looking for a position.  Do you know anyone that might be of any help?”  He referred her to a friend in Guatemala. Upon arrival, Katrina met with that woman and told her she wanted to work in the field of international development. She introduced Katrina to several people, including the Director for the International Organization for Migration. Katrina met with him just to discuss her goals and experience; he liked her and soon she was interviewing for a consultancy position. Keys to Katrina’s success were willingness to conduct informational interviews and excellent follow-up and organizational skills.

Journalism Job in India Found Through Study Abroad Contact

Andrew Hudson, a graduate of Pitzer college, participated in a study abroad program in northern India. While there, he met Pema Wangchuk, the publisher of an English language paper in the Indian state of Sikkum. After graduating, he emailed Wangchuk (and others) to inquire about openings. Wangchuk ended up offering him a job.

Hudson tells his story

Teaching Job in China Found Through Web Networking and Skype

Leah Kavalecwanted to teach English in China, but she was careful not to just choose the first program she found. She started with extensive research on the top teach abroad sites. Then she emailed her resume and a customized cover letter for various jobs she found at,, and As offers started to come in, she used Skype to follow up and weed out jobs that offered low pay or exploitative conditions. Ultimately, she found a recruiter who connected her with a job in Shenyang, China.

See other examples of finding a job overseas in my article on Finding Your First Paid Job Overseas: Five Proven Strategies to Find International Employment.

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