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The Best Travel Writers' Blogs and Websites

The Weblog continues to evolve from being a largely self-indulgent electronic diary to a form of interactive writing which provides talented travel writers new ways to communicate their adventures and discoveries in real time in the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 worlds. The result is often a more engaged form of travel writing. Writers now often act as spokespeople for virtual communities, inspiring and inciting others to explore other physical and virtual worlds. In addition, many aspiring travel writers are either seeing the blog or personal website as a sufficient medium in-and-of-itself to communicate their experience, or are using the Web to develop their travel writing skills. The following are some of the best sites we have found hosted by established travel writers. — Gregory Hubbs

Rolf Potts (
Rolf Potts' collection of sites are rich in resources and interactivity. There are links to some his own fine stories, his inspiring book on Vagabonding along with links to the resources discussed therein, a vast and growing compilation of interviews with travel writers, and finally his own personal blog.
Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations
Tim Leffel's award-winning blog is comprised of a series of entries which constitute excellent practical articles on budget travel in and of themselves. The blog also links to the site for his excellent book: The World's Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Dollars are Worth a Fortune, which he supplements with many of his favorite resources and articles. In addition, Tim has a TravelWriting2.0 blog associated with his excellent new book on travel writing.
Reid On Travel
Robert Reid, who has written and edited scores of Lonely Planet guidebooks among many other publications, here ventures into a variety of thought-provoking and eclectic takes on travel and other things of interest to him.
Rick Steves Travel Blog: Blog Gone Europe
Rick Steves’ Europe through the Backdoor website,, also features Rick's blog, graced with his usual natural fluid writing style and the insights of a very experienced traveler in Europe.
A combination blog and a travel writing website with a literary bent edited by Jim Benning and Michael Yessis. A substantive site which includes many interviews with travel writers, travel articles by established writers, and other useful resources.
The Tranquilo Traveler
Joshua Berman has authored and co-authored several books for Moon on Nicargua and Belize. Joshua hosts a thought-provoking blog that also records in words and images an odyssey he took around the world, combining honeymooning, volunteer service, and a form of slow immersion travel he dubs “The Tranquilo Traveler.”
A great collaborative blog which explores engaged travel for adventurers and features interviews with travel writers via Podcasts.

Travel Writing 2.0 Travel Writing: Vagabonding by Rolf Potts
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