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Sample Travel Magazine and Travel Webzine Writers' Guidelines

There are hundreds of outlets for travel stories, with more and more available only online and therefore appearing almost overnight, so this list is only a sampling. In all cases, follow the standard advice: find a compelling story angle, carefully study the publication guidelines and their featured articles to find a good match for your idea, and send a brief query or an actual submission if the publication only accepts "on spec."

* Transitions Abroad is not endorsing any publication on this list, only providing these samples as a springboard for your own research. —Tim Leffel

We have broken up the sample publications into categories.

Tier 1 travel publications have a high circulation, pay well, and are highly competitive. Feature stories go to writers they have worked with in the past, so query on shorter pieces to break in. In most cases, editors will expect an impressive array of published clips to see your writing background. As the Wanderlust guidelines say, “Realistically, you have a one in 800 chance of a manuscript or photograph being accepted for publication.”

Publications/websites are listed in alpha order, not by circulation.

Caribbean Travel & Life
National Geographic Traveler
Outside Magazine
Travel & Leisure
Wanderlust (UK)

Tier 2 travel publications sometimes have a lower circulation and often pay less than Tier 1. pays from $50-$150 per article but is increasingly selective. Many of these are easier publishing targets for those without stacks of clippings or publications already, provided you follow their guidelines carefully.

Publications/websites are listed in alpha order, not by circulation.

Outpost Magazine (Canada)
Sunset (Australia)
Things Asian
Transitions Abroad
Travelers Tales
Tier 3 travel publications listed here are usually web-only and either pay a token sum or nothing at all—usually no more than $100 for an article and sometimes do not pay at all (the average is $25-$50).

This is the best place for beginning writers trying to build up a published clips history, and several of them offer travel writing courses for newbies.

These are also good spots for authors who want to gain exposure, publicize their book, or drive traffic to a specific website.

There are hundreds of such sites on the web, but here are some of the most established ones.

Publications/websites are listed in alpha order, not by circulation.

Big World Magazine
Matador Network
Wanderlust and Lipstick

Many large city newspapers still also accept freelance travel stories even as many newspapers are closing their print business in favor of an online presence. Dig around online or in the library to find contact names.

Another list of travel writing outlets has been compiled here by Adam Costa of

Note: Please add you own suggested publications to the comments section below to help other fellow travel writers.

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