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Cultural Travel and Alternative Tours in Turkey

Flag of Turkey

Anatolian Artisans Ephesus
Anatolian Rug

Cultural Tour of Western Turkey
Anatolian Artisans is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to provide sustainable economic benefits for low income artisans of Turkey. In addition to our projects we also organize annual cultural tours to Turkey to raise awareness about the rich cultural heritage of the country and its artistic traditions. Our tours combine visits to artisan workshops and amazing historic sites like Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus and more. The sign-up deadline is Feb 15th, 2010.

Contact: Anatolian Artisans, 11325 Empire Lane, North Bethesda, MD, 20852, USA
Tel.: 301-231-8128



Gems of the Aegean
Small-group programs to the Southwestern region of Turkey geared for the independent, active, and culturally curious traveler. Escorted by intercultural relations specialists who have a passion for adventure and cultural learning. Program includes transatlantic in-country airfare, accommodations, 2 daily meals, guided excursions to historical sites, boat trips, activities, and more.

Peter Sommer Travels
Archaeological Tours and Cruises in Turkey, Greece and Italy
Specialists in small group tours that explore the rich and extraordinary heritage of Turkey, Greece and Italy. Our trips focus on particular regions, sailing in gulets along sections of the turquoise coast, or between islands, or on key characters from history such as Alexander the Great. Several trips are personally led by Peter Sommer, an archaeologist and film-maker, who has worked on many acclaimed BBC/PBS/CNN series, including In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great and Tales from the Green Valley.


Srm Travel
Turkey, Off the Beaten Track

Turkey is a one of the few countries in Europe where social values and traditions still shapes the lives of the people. In order to get a different perspective, or to better understand the culture, past and present, sometimes you have to go off the beaten track . Alternative tour programs; tour of East Turkey, tour of the Black Sea, and village Asia Minor.

Contact: Bagdat Cad. 201-5 Ciftehavuzlar, Istanbul;,
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