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Student Volunteer Service Learning Abroad Articles

Practical information and evaluations on service-learning opportunities for students. What are the opportunities? How can students find them? Is credit available for service learning? How can students tie service learning into their on-campus academic curriculums? What is the value of experiential education?

The articles below answer these questions from both an advisory and an experiential perspective.

"Through the experience of volunteer service, students go beyond simplistic notions of culture to encounter multidimensional levels of society and the human condition. When linked to intentional and coherent learning, the value of the experience becomes exponential. The service is informed by learning, and the learning acquires depth far beyond the classroom. Students begin to hear the voices previously unheard, the many voices of the culture. They are forced to examine the complexities of social, economic, political, and moral issues and their causes. They move from facts to information, from information to knowledge, and, in at least some cases, from knowledge to wisdom."—Howard Berry in The Global Voices.

For a wide selection of volunteer service programs, visit our Volunteer Abroad section, which features many organizations that cater to the needs of students.

 Student Volunteer Service Learning Abroad Advisor
The Impact of Service: Volunteer Work Enhances Academic Experience by Courtney K. Peters and Travis C. Stalcup
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