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Study Abroad Point: Counterpoint

Introduced in 1990 by Bill Hoffa, a leading spokesman on international education and an author and editor of the most important reference guides for international educators, to call attention to trends and issues in international education, this column explores timeless topics and controversies in the field with no immediate “solutions” but which must be continuously addressed by all international educators.
The Global Voices: Is U.S. Higher Education Listening
by Howard Berry
Traveling to Learn
by founding Editor and publisher of Transitions Abroad Magazine Clay Hubbs
The Impact of Short-term Study Abroad: Student Reflections Eight Years Later
by Kristine Zamastil-Vondrova
Defending Study Abroad
by Karen Rodriguez
The Impact of Study Abroad
Shoshanna Sumka
Making a Difference: Volunteering and Education Abroad
by Charles Gliozzo
Education Abroad - Going Native or Standing Firm: Cultural Relativism
by Brian Harley
Virtual Advising
by Tina M. Cassler
The Ugly American: International Education and the Image of the U.S Abroad
by Alex Neff
Risky Business: Student Behavior Abroad
by Jeannie M. Bonner
Teaching About Prejudice: 'Isms' in English Language Instruction
by Charles Domingues
Virtual Reality or Virtual Disaster? Distance Education and Study Abroad
by Kurt Olausen
Consumers Study Abroad: International Education Is Not a Commodity
by Thomas V. MIllington
Diversity in Study Abroad: Ways to Include Underrepresented Communities in Exchange Programs
by Carole Patterson
Coming Home: Cross-Cultural Reentry
by Jim Citron and Vija Mendelson
Wearing Many Hats
by Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter
Mixed Marriages: Why Expats Marry Foreigners and Then What Happens
by Tamula Drumm
International Marriages
by Mary Natali
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