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Developing Countries Focus

Our Study Abroad Developing Countries Focus is dedicated to an exploration of why and how to seek out educational options in developing countries.

There are numerous definitions for the term "Developing Country," and we are using the listing of countries providing by the International Monetary Fund as our guide.

What causes a country to be labelled a "developing" country is the subject of much scholarship and debate, and some included are suprising in the list are surprising at first glance.

Study Abroad in Developing Countries by Meredith Alt
Beyond the Comfort Zone by Kate Gustafson
Internship for an Ethiopian NGO by Sara Cornish
Study Abroad and Living in Ghana by Isabel Dickinson
Life Lessons in Ghana by Lauren Elliott 
Study Abroad in Tanzania: On Borders, Bananas, and Being Back by Danae Roumis
Study Abroad in South Africa by Adam Karlin
Studying and Living in Cairo and Traveling in the Desert Dunes of Egypt by Rachel Tobias
A High School Summer in Egypt Studying Arabic by Connie Ip
Studying and Living Abroad in Vietnam by Whitney Cox
Studying Thai in Thailand: Learn a New Language and Live for a Year Abroad by Nathan Edgerton
Study Abroad in Thailand by Mary Ware
Travel and Live Abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand as a Student: A Difficult but Great Experience by Kasey Weber
Volunteering, Living and Learning in Cambodia by Charlie Cristi
Learning on the Throne of Enlightenment: A Semester of Buddhist Studies in India by Manny Fassihi
In-Between Cultures: Cultural Immersion in Bangalore, India by Diana Jue
Study and Travel Abroad in Bhutan: Experiential Learning with the Hiram College Study Abroad Program by Emma Strong
What You Should Know About Studying and Living in Istanbul, Turkey by David Joshua Jennings
Say “Merhaba” (Hello) to a Semester in Istanbul, Turkey by Jamie Balard
Bridging Hemispheres: Understanding Latin American Cultures by Jim Citron and Skye Stephenson
Learning Spanish in Quito: Immersion in Ecuadorian Culture by David Joshua Jennings
How to Live and Study Abroad in Ecuador by Kristie Kannaley
Learning Medical Spanish in Costa Rica: Pura Vida by Regina Toto
How To Select the Right Courses Abroad: A Semester in Santiago, Chile by Stephane Alexandre
Study Abroad in Chile: Learning Acceptance of New Ideas by Tamara Smith
A Year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Emotional Stages of Study Abroad by Marie Lefebvre
Living Abroad in Córdoba, Argentina: La Vida Tranquila by Mary MacKenty
How to Plan Your Study Abroad Experience: Living as a Student in Buenos Aires by Megan Jones
Living, Studying, and Volunteering in Montevideo, Uruguay by Lindsay Stewart
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