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Study Chinese in Shanghai by Rhett Merz
Study Chinese in Hong Kong by Joshua K. Hartshorne

Language Immersion Vacations WORLDWIDE!
China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian — Chinese)
We offer a variety of language courses worldwide for all ages and budgets. Immerse yourself in the local culture, pick your accommodation type and enjoy many cultural activities with international students from around the world. We enjoy what we do and that's the difference!
Cost: See website
Dates: See website
Contact: Language Vacation, 1056 Masters Lane, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0 Canada
Tel: Toll Free 1 888 494 3974 / 416 682 0898

Immersion 1-to-1 Chinese Language School in China
Unique Location Away From the Crowds
Konall Culture Exchange has for over 9 years provided intensive and affordable 1-to-1 Mandarin immersion programs that cater to serious students who want to learn Chinese in an academically minded setting. Our Chinese programs offer: flexible start and end dates, custom tailored curriculum and courses, 1-to-1 classes, professional and experienced teachers, home stay and private apartments—all located only 1 hour from Beijing!

Study Chinese in China in a developed city with few foreigners and expats. The cost of living is cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc., in a city where Standard Mandarin is spoken natively on the street. Experience 24 hour daily immersion in Chinese language and culture, in a unique location away from the crowds where you will see rapid improvement in your Mandarin. Learn Chinese in China with us at KCE today!
Chinese Cultural Exchange Dates: All year round. Please contact us to enroll today!
Tel.: China +86-0311-8598-1117; 24 hour English cell: +86-139-3216-1470.
Skype: konallchina
Facebook: Konall Culture Exchange KCE

New Chinese Mandarin Immersion Programs
Go Abroad China provides educational opportunities for students from all over the world. We offer placements in top Chinese universities, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Language and Culture University, and Fudan University. Our programs combine classes with professional teachers and staying with a host family, providing students with even more opportunities to practice their Chinese and get deeper insight into Chinese culture. Go Abroad China also offers additional resources to students, such as after-school tutoring and cultural activities. Visit the Go Abroad China to learn more about the various language immersion programs available.
Chinese Mandarin Immersion Programs Dates: All year
Costs: US$0 - US$2,000, US$2000 - US$5000, US$2,000 - US$5,000
Contact: Go Abroad China, A-2101, Guorun Commercial Plaza, No.46 West Forth Ring Road, Beijing
Tel.: +86-10-8481-6396

Allied Gateway Study in China Center
Learn Chinese in Multiple Cities in China
Immerse yourself in the Chinese language, culture and exciting cities in China—including, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou! Combine top-tier university training with Allied Gateway's unique real life instruction. The program allows you to immerse yourself in real life experiences that require you to utilize and develop your Mandarin communication skills through authentic daily practice and activities.


China Study Link
Chinese Language Study, Kung Fu, Culture Study
China Study Link offers immersion programs where students can study the Chinese language, Kung Fu, cooking, calligraphy and culture in a way more exciting and unique than any other. We have open enrollment summer programs as well as tailored programs for groups and schools wishing to travel together. We can make any educational experience in China a reality.


Learn Mandarin in Shanghai
Are you looking for high quality, certified Mandarin teachers; charming facilities; small class sizes; warm personal attention; corporate training; and the most affordable rates? easyMandarin is the place to be. Come learn Chinese in Shanghai, China's most dynamic city.


Get in2 China
Intensive Chinese Language Program in Beijing and Shanghai
Over the last few years, we have had the pleasure of hosting more than two thousand students from over 40 different countries coming to learn Chinese in China. This has been made possible by our dedication to providing the highest quality language programs for students wishing to study in China.

The program involves 20 hours per week of Chinese language in small groups of 3 to 5 persons. Quality Control System School Get in2 China covers the external and internal monitoring of the level of professionalism of teachers, quality of training, teaching aids and materials, cultural activities, training and housing.


Global Chinese — Foreign Chinese Learning Center (Shanghai / Online)
Learn and Teach Chinese Mandarin
Global Chinese is a globally recommended, Chinese language learning focused, foreign Chinese learning and teaching center based in Shanghai, China. We are passionate about helping people worldwide to learn Mandarin Chinese, to know more about Chinese culture, to interact with Chinese people and society, therefore making their life, work, business, study, travel in China convenient, easy, successful, and fun!
Global Chinese offers many and varied additional Mandarin Chinese programs for which you can find more info on their site.


Hutong School
Chinese Classes and Internships
The Hutong School is dedicated to guiding the prospective client through his/her initial stages, offering a personalized service dedicated to meeting his/her needs, as well as a deep understanding of the complex society that he/she will enter. In the process of developing its program, the Hutong School's educational department has worked closely with students who study Chinese as a foreign language.


Mandarin Garden Language & Culture School
Learn Chinese in Shanghai

Established in 2004, we are a top professional Mandarin school in China. Mandarin Garden is an international organization of Mandarin language and Chinese dialect schools providing opportunities to learn the language or a dialect of your choice in schools around the world. Learn at our branches in Shanghai, Wuxi, Ningbo, Lijiang, Wuhan, Changchun, or our international branches in London and Seoul.


Mandarin House
All Year Round Chinese Language Course
Shanghai, China's most dynamic city, is the perfect place for your Chinese immersion experience. Practical, quality, comfort ... Learn with Mandarin House, the best Chinese language school in Shanghai. The school is located one block from the trendy street, Huai Hai Lu. The school has wireless internet access, and provides an excellent learning environment. Our after class activity program will ensure that you can enjoy not only your language lessons, but also the vibrant city of Shanghai.


MandarinToday Language Center of Chinese
Chinese Programs at Mandarin Today (Shanghai)
Mandarin Today offers a complete range of standard programs from entry-level to the advanced. In addition, special courses are arranged such as HSK Preparation Course, Chinese Characters Course, Shanghai Dialect Course, Chinese Teachers Training Course, etc. All of our instructors are native Chinese speakers with qualifications from some of the most prestigious Universities.


Miracle Mandarin Language Center of Shanghai Ligong University
Learn Chinese Faster!
Miracle Mandarin is a Mandarin language centre of Shanghai Ligong University (USST), an exclusive method to learn Chinese faster.
Conversational Chinese Course
This course aims to build the students' abilities in listening and speaking. Starting from pronunciation at the beginner level, the course will help student step by step master the Mandarin Grammar and sentence structures through plenty oral practice.


Next Step Connections
Intensive Chinese Language Program in Shanghai
The Intensive Chinese Language program is for students who aim to improve their knowledge of Chinese and Chinese language skills. The classes stress equal importance over listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese in order to lay a solid foundation for students on the basis of practicality. All language levels are available, from beginner to advanced, and an exam will be given at the start of the program to assess your level.

Contact: Next Step Connections, 668 East Beijing Road, Shanghai Hi-Tech King World (West Building) 17th Floor, Suite 17 A., Shanghai, 200001, China;

TailorMade Chinese Center
Chinese Language School in China
TMCC was launched in 2009 in Beijing by a team of expats and Chinese experts in language. A great number of leading firms and organizations trust us for their training either in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin, Xi'an, or online, and together we strive to further develop the quality of our service.
We do three things to get concrete results:
Professional teachers are all diploma holders from the Language University. They were selected for their professional and interpersonal skills, and they are trained on a regular basis to stick to our teaching method.
We use a practical approach focusing on modern Mandarin Chinese developed by our team. It is supported by five books, each one totaling at least 50 hours of classes.
We offer personalized service with total flexibility regarding the content of your training and schedule. We will guide you along to ensure that you reach your objectives on time.


That's Mandarin Chinese Language School
Founded in 2005, That's Mandarin is a professional Chinese language school with two branches located in the heart of Beijing and one branch in the bustling centre of Shanghai. Our number one priority is to provide our students with the confidence and skill to apply the Chinese they learn in the classroom in their daily lives, so all our programs are tailored to suit your individual goals and requirements. Whether learning Chinese is a labour of love or a daunting necessity, we will ensure that you can progress with ease, communicate with confidence and embrace the Chinese language


Teach or Study in China
Specially designed summer study and tour programs. Learn Chinese language and culture.


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