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There are a growing number of books that deal with all aspects of living in a foreign country. Readers have a wide variety of topics to choose from: daily living, studying or working overseas, getting visas and work permits, setting up business including freelancing, investing, buying property, health, and retirement. Some books about living abroad are part of a series that covers several countries, while others are single titles that reflect the authors' field of expertise or experience. With so much to learn and research before going abroad, finding useful reading about your future destination is extremely important. While much information can be found online, often reading about the issues in the form of a book provides a better overall picture of the issues involved in moving and living overseas. The following list is a selection of the best books and book series for those planning to live in a foreign country. —Compiled and edited by Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl and Editor-in-Chief Gregory Hubbs

Americashire Ode to English Sunday Lunch: Excerpt from Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage by Jennifer Richardson
We highlight and recommend here a critically acclaimed satirical book about an American expat living in Britain.

"In March, we had lunch. It wasn’t just any lunch. It was Sunday lunch, a fixture of English life, and a ritual I had admired since we first moved to London. There it was an event that played out in pubs, where groups of friends would arrive with armfuls of newspapers. I used to look in at them through the windows of our corner pub, The Bonaparte, with their steaming plates of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and all those papers spread around like they were getting ready to paint something. The closest thing I could think of to this routine in Los Angeles was aspiring actors/directors/screenwriters sitting at a coffee shop gripping a soy chai latte in one hand and a script in the other. The harder the person tried to look nonchalant, the more deliberate the whole thing seemed. The English version seemed both gastronomically and intellectually superior. And now we had been invited to Sunday lunch, the first since our arrival in the Cotswolds."...

Avalon Publishing’s Moon Living Abroad Guidebooks: “Make the dream take shape,” is the motto of an ever-expanding series that helps people realize their dream of living overseas offering practical no-nonsense details you will need to know to make the transition. The authors are all, or recently were, long-term expats, and the practical detail and love of their chosen country shines through. The books include information on the country’s culture, people, and language, as well as on planning and making the move, health and finance, employment, housing, an overview of prime living locations, and more; available for Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, London, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, South Korea, and Thailand. Avalon Travel Publishing, 1400 65th St., Ste. 250, Emeryville, CA 94608.

Buying a Property Abroad by Ben West (Cadogan Guides, London, Buying a Property Abroad is a general guide for newcomers to get started in investing or relocating overseas. The book’s main focus is on European and English-speaking countries. It is primarily focused on destinations popular with British expatriates, but most of the information is also useful for Americans interested in buying property overseas. The main section of the book consists of profiles of 34 countries worldwide, with information about properties, financing, legal considerations, visas, and permits, as well as listings of books, real estate agents, and other useful resources. In addition to discussing issues relevant to buying real estate in foreign countries, the author also considers basic aspects of moving abroad, such as climate, language, safety, health, and insurance.

Culture Briefings. Culture Briefings (Geotravel Research Center) provides current, in-depth information found in no other single source on the customs, culture, traditions and ways of life of people in other lands. Purchase in .PDF, Kindle, HTML, and other formats.

Culture Shock! Country Guides by Marshall Cavendish International Pte. Ltd. Practical information about foreign customs, etiquette, culture and ways of life for over 50 countries. The series also offers several titles on more general topics about the challenges of living overseas, such as “Living and Working Abroad,” “A Student’s Guide,” “A Traveller’s Medical Guide,” and “Working Holidays Abroad”; also publishes the new “Culture Smart” series for 26 countries, which are pocket guides to customs and etiquette. Available at book stores and via Amazon.

Expat Expert publishes Robin Pascoe’s books about expatriate life as well as those of other expatriate. In Homeward Bound—A Spouse’s Guide to Repatriation the author provides practical information for spouses and their families returning home after living overseas. A Movable Marriage—Relocate Your Relationship without Breaking It covers valuable advice for couples and families moving overseas.

Expat World - the newsletter of international living. Expat World is delivered to expatriates, privacy-seekers, travellers, businessmen and other international-free-thinking people the world over each month. Free Trial Subscription!

The Expert Expatriate : Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad-Moving, Living, Thriving by Melissa Brayer Hess and Patricia Linderman. Written by long-time expatriates, this popular book is an authoritative guide on copying with the challenges of living abroad. Covers topics such as managing your move, language learning, confronting and adapting to the new culture, moving children and pets overseas, spouses’ issues, re-entry, and more. The book also provides personal, psychological, and hands-on advice for living abroad.

GenXpat: The Young Professionals Guide to Making a Successful Life Abroad by Margaret Malewski is a guide for young, mobile professionals. It covers many aspects of pursuing a successful overseas career, such as moving, work contracts, relationships, culture shock, social life, and re-entry.

Passport to the World series. Available for 24 countries, these 100-page pocket guides contain useful information about business practices and negotiating styles, as well as about general customs, culture, etiquette, government, etc.

So Far and Yet So Near-Stories of Americans Abroad, edited by American Citizens Abroad (American Citizens Abroad. So Far and Yet so Near is a diverse collection of American expatriates’ personal experiences from around the world. The 47 stories address topics such as the challenges of adapting to a foreign culture, finding a home abroad, impressions of young expatriates, as well as dealing with exotic locales, identity issues, culture shock, and the changing perceptions American expatriates have of the U.S. The lively stories take readers on an inside journey around the globe, where the people, colors, tastes and smells of foreign cultures are brought to life with engaging narrative and keen insights. This book is not merely a collection of expatriate stories; rather, it is a vivid testimony to the challenging and enriching discoveries that await those who venture far from home.

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