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The Best Expatriate Resources

"Living in a foreign country is often a significant challenge, especially in the beginning, and the listed resources are intended to help expatriates adapt to their new country of residence. This time, in addition to expatriate organizations, books, websites and practical information, we have included a new section called “Resources for a Global Consciousness.” In some parts of the world, Anti-American and anti-Western sentiment is on the rise, and there is a growing cultural divide between people of different continents, cultures, and religions. That’s why it is more important than ever for expatriates to not only concern themselves with the practical aspects of living overseas, but also to be well informed about the culture of their host country. Taking time to learn about other cultures and seeking common ground amid the differences are among the best steps we can take in building a global consciousness and a more peaceful future.

We have included websites and news sources that focus on political, economic, and social developments worldwide and promote an understanding of viewpoints and opinions from outside the U.S. In today’s world it is more important than ever to build bridges between cultures and to foster mutual respect and understanding. We hope that the new resources can make a small contribution toward achieving this goal." —Volker Poelzl

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