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Living Abroad in Nicaragua: Making the Move

2006 © Randall Wood and Joshua Berman, from Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua, 1st ed. Used by permission of the author(s) and Avalon Travel. All rights reserved. For more info please visit Moon's website.

Living Abroad in Nicaragua

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and settle down in Nicaragua— ¡felicidades! Your friends may think you’re a bit strange and you may consider yourself a brave pioneer—and both these things may be true. But the fact is, according to the immigration figures in 2005, more than 13,000 foreign residents have set up shop before you. Take heart in this knowledge, especially when mired in the deepest morass of bureacratic despair while wading through the visa process. If they could do it (13,000!), so can you. Think of it as a test; only the most patient and persistent will be deemed worthy of living in Nicaragua.

While you could probably stick around on a tourist visa, not being official will hinder your lifestyle in ways that matter, like being able to open a bank account and subsequently acquire services for your home like cable TV and Internet, so it is worth your while to go through the bureaucratic hassles necessary to get your residency, open a bank account, and make yourself official. This chapter will help you get through this annoying but ultimately feasible process and open the door for the next steps, which will enable you to settle into Nicaragua.

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