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Guide to teaching English abroad Guide to Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad
10 practical tips in an essential guide to help you teach English as a second language abroad, including key resources provided by an experienced expat who has taught extensively in Mexico and elsewhere.
Living in Mexico What You Need to Know to Live in Mexico — Insider Tips
A comprehensive guide to living in and moving to Mexico by a long-term expat.
Living in Mexico 10 Tips for Adjusting to Life in Mexico
How to enjoy and adapt to life in a complex and colorful land with hospitable hosts.
How to work legally in Mexico How to Work Legally in Mexico — Guide to Obtaining a Visa
Practical, insider tips on obtaining the necessary visa to allow you to work in Mexico.
Expat life in Mexico Survival of the Fittest for an Expat in Mexico
Inside tips and advice for handling everyday life.
ESL Teaching as a Freelancer ESL Teaching in Mexico as a Freelancer
A detailed day in the life of a freelance English teacher in Mexico.
Authentic food in Mexico The Ultimate Guide to Authentic Eating in Mexico
The author has literally eaten his way across Mexico, and describes many of the wide variety of delicious national and regional dishes to be enjoyed, including where to find the most authentic food.
Markets in Mexico How to Make the Most of Markets in Mexico: Strange Fruit and Cheap Lunches
A guide to navigating the many and varied markets, so central to life in Mexico.
Mexico exotic fruits Exploring the Exotic Fresh Fruit of Mexico
Mexico offers a variety of exotic fruits, usually sold at local markets.
Mexico language Crossing the Language Barrier in Mexico
A description by an American expat in Mexico about how he managed to break the language barrier through a variety of methods, from repetition to full cultural immersion.
Cheap travel in Latin America
10 Tips for Cheap Immersion Travel in Latin America
Sometimes when Iím in a renowned part of Latin America, such as Lake AtitlŠn in Guatemala, I meet people on their round-the-world trip. They stay two days; I stay two months. They see the highlights of countries all over the world, often look stressed out, and perhaps never backpack or revisit the site again. I relax, learn Spanish, make friends, find the best clubs and restaurants, and save so much money that I can do it again next year in another part of the world...
Guide to Latin American music An Introduction to Latin American Music
A guide to the many and various musical styles in Latin America, both for the traveler and those who wish to appreciate and understand the primary sounds that move people across the region.
Manage money in Latin America How to Manage Your Money Safely on the Road in Latin America
Inside tips on managing your money safely on the road in Latin America. Guidelines derived after many years of travel and expat life in the region.
Solo Traveler Tips 10 Tips From a Seasoned Solo Traveler: How to Make the Best of Your Travels Abroad
Advice derived from years of solo travel, mistakes and all, by one who has seen the world from many perspectives.
Pack and travel light How to Pack Light for Independent Travel Abroad: Tips and Checklists
Practical strategies and checklists to help you travel light and avoid the mistakes many make by taking far too much on the road.
Review of Breakfast for Alligators An Interview with Award-Winning Travel Writer Darrin DuFord
An interview of a great narrative travel writing collection of short stories, called Breakfast with Alligators.
 Narrative Travel Stories
Semana Santa Mexico Lunch Under the Volcano
A tale of a foreign hiker invited by a wise older local man living at the base of a volcanco in Ecuador, and their interaction.
Bolivian Jungle Bugs and Boars in the Bolivian Jungle
A trip deep in the Bolivian jungle results in a series of living surprises and adventures.
Semana Santa Mexico Witness a Crucifixion: Semana Santa in Mexico
A vivid description of the intense rituals that take place during the Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Mexico.
An altar to San Simon in Guatemala A Drinking, Smoking, Womanizing Saint
A paradoxical saint worshipped in Guatemala, San Simon, or Maximon—the same guy with two names. San Simon is the unrecognized Spanish saint, and Maximon is the Mayan shaman. He is the primary saint in Guatemala and you can see effigies to him everywhere, some in special shrines which change houses every year, and some in less likely places like bars or worse. He always looks somewhat the same—with a mustache, cowboy hat, cigarette hanging from his mouth, and surrounded by any number of colorful and odd decorations...

Ted Campbell

Ted Campbell is a freelance writer, Spanish-English translator, and university teacher in Mexico. He was born in Michigan but grew up in Toronto and other places in the Midwest, and he has since traveled to more than 40 countries and lived in four.

He has shaken hands with Bob Dylan, worked as a chef in Yellowstone, taught kindergarten in Korea, toured in a rock band in Western Canada, gone broke in Paris, eaten raw jellyfish in China, cycled from Toluca to Acapulco in Mexico, slept on the beach in Brazil, and honeymooned in Moscow.

Ted is a frequent contributor to Transitions Abroad, and he has written two guidebooks about Mexico, one for Cancun and the Mayan Riviera and another for San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque in Chiapas, both available at You can find more of his stories of adventure, culture, music, food, and mountain biking on his blog No Hay Bronca.

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

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