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"Transitions Abroad, a clearinghouse for international job advice and opportunities." With other extensive quotes and tips from the editor on working and living abroad.
CNN Living

"Transitions Abroad, a clearinghouse for international job advice and opportunities." With other quotes from the editor on work abroad.

", an online information portal for overseas travel and cultural immersion."

"The world is a big place. There are lots of opportunities out there for the enterprising young (or not so young) adventurer. If you’ve ever considered heading overseas for more than a vacation, and you don’t have a trust fund to live on, you’re going to need to do some research on the available opportunities and how, exactly, one can settle in a foreign country...There are lots of good resources and lots of bad ones. The Transitions Abroad site is one of the former. Calling itself a “portal for work abroad, overseas travel, study abroad and international living, it is as solid and useful a site as you’re going to find out there."

"The website for Transitions Abroad magazine is useful for anyone contemplating living, working or studying away from home, or simply hoping to learn more about a region they are visiting. The emphasis is on responsible travel and learning to live like a local – information on language schools and study programs is supplemented with thoughtful essays on how not to feel like a stranger in a strange land."
Time Magazine

"This American publisher produces the bimonthly magazine Transitions Abroad, which has loads of information for people intending to work or volunteer overseas. Although they focus on US volunteers, the website has useful listings of volunteer opportunities for people of all nationalities and you can browse by region. "
Lonely Planet

" Lots of information for those wanting to work, study or travel abroad. Includes listings of programs offering opportunities...."
Princeton University Career Services

"A comprehensive guide to working, studying, living and traveling abroad. "
Dartmouth Career Services

Transitions Abroad is an excellent resource for anyone going abroad. They have information and articles on work, teaching English, travel, volunteering and much more."
Stanford University Bechtel International Center

"Volunteer, teach, work abroad, and language study abroad; articles by authors who have lived and worked abroad with country-specific recommendations and advice."
Amherst College Career Center

"...exceptional resource!"
Williams Office of Career Counseling

"This is a great place to begin your search for opportunities overseas. Lots of great advice & insight as well as good job directories."
William and Mary Career Center

"...their website compiles the most essential work abroad resources."
University of California Irvine International Opportunities Program

Many students return from studying abroad with a strong desire to go abroad again. There are many ways to make this happen. Transitions Abroad: excellent searchable database of all forms of work, volunteer opportunities and internships abroad.
Penn State University Office of Global Programs

"Transitions Abroad is a wonderful site that offers information on study, volunteer, work and travel abroad."
University of Wisconsin Milwuakee

"A great, extensive resource that anyone interested in going abroad will find useful. International job offers, internships, volunteer work, teaching English abroad and more."
Vanderbuilt International Office

What Others Are Saying About Transitions Abroad Magazine

"Living, working and studying overseas."
Rick Steves, "Travels in Europe" (PBS) & Europe Through the Back Door

Transitions Abroad, which for my money is the single most useful magazine out there for someone looking to spend long periods of time traveling, volunteering and working overseas...if you haven't already seen an issue of Transitions Abroad, do yourself a favor and pick one up. It's a great research tool for planning long-term journeys that mix travel with volunteering and overseas work.
– Rolf Potts in Vagabonding

"An essential publication for people who are true travelers."
Arthur Frommer

"The magazine I look to for travel information [is] Transitions Abroad. Over the years, I've come to anticipate the arrival of this publication. It often shows me how vacations and learning can go hand in hand."
The Christian Science Monitor

"Consider a subscription to Transitions Abroad, a thoughtful, informative guide for people of all ages interested in discovering foreign cultures."
Library Journal

"Required reading for students and globe trotters planning to travel, study or work abroad."
Jean-Marc Hachey, MyWorldAbroad

"...did I mention that Transitions Abroad is the world's most useful publication for world travelers, volunteers, and anyone who wishes to work overseas? "
The Travails of Travel Writing

"...a bimonthly full-color magazine with practical information on living, working, studying, or vacationing alongside the people of the host country. A great collection of resources for all types of international job-seekers (students, short-term, full-time, and others). Resources are free while there is a subscription fee for the actual magazine. "

Recently recommended by: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Consumers Digest, ABC-News, Newsweek, Gannett Newspapers, Library Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, Time, Seventeen, Travel & Leisure, Newsday, and others.

What Others Are Saying About Work Abroad: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas

"The definitive book on the subject..."
– Arthur Frommer

"Whether it's for an interesting volunteer position or paid employment full or part-time, this indispensable guide is an ideal and instructive reference.
The Midwest Book Review

"One of the richest resources for finding an overseas job - an outstanding guide to both short and long-term jobs abroad. My advice: don't leave home without reading Work Abroad. it will ... change your life."
Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., author, Jobs for People Who Love to Travel.

"The reference bible for international job hunters."
The Shoestring Traveler

"…an extensive list of reference material dealing with working abroad."
The New York Times

"Covers all aspects of international work."
International Travel News

"Details more than 250 resources for overseas job seekers."
U.S. News & World Report

"Savvy advice, complete with suggested preparation and necessary connections, by region and country, right down to websites and phone numbers."
Whole Earth

Alternative Travel Directory: The Complete Guide to Work, Study, & Travel Overseas

"Anyone who’s interested in thought-provoking, culturally enriching, and pocketbook-friendly travel should take a look at the hundreds of ideas contained in the newly released edition of the Alternative Travel Directory, published under the auspices of the magazine Transitions Abroad. [A] nigh-well indispensable resource."
Arthur Frommer’s Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel

"For over 20 years the editors of Transitions Abroad have been publishing the hardest to find, most accurate, and most practical information needed for travel overseas. The Alternative Travel Directory gathers all that current information together to help discerning travelers enrich their lives through independent travel, work and study overseas [and] provides thousands of choices for those who want an alternative to a packaged tour or another trip to see the in-laws."
The Midwest Book Review

"There’s tourism, and then there’s travel. The Alternative Travel Directory appeals to those in the latter category–those who want the challenge of immersing themselves in another culture rather than the ease of skimming over the surface. [An] inspiring guide."
Hemispheres (United Airlines)

"The editors of Transitions Abroad have compiled a directory that will appeal to adventurous, budget-minded individuals who want to see the world in ways more intimate than group or pre-packaged tours can offer. This directory will be of enormous assistance to those who want to strike out on their own in search of authentic engagement with the local culture when traveling abroad. Highly recommended."
Library Journal

"Eclectic, even eccentric, and wide-ranging."
The New York Times

"Pick up a copy."
Boston Herald

"The well-organized Alternative Travel Directory is superb."
Let’s Go

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